A Shoe Project

Recently, I’ve been trying to work on my shoe-shine skills. I get very fascinated with very well shined shoes particulary those that I follow on Instagram. See, the thing is, I don’t exactly have very good shoes, they are better than those you see in the shopping malls but nothing handmade etc.

Thankfully, the cloth baron trusts me with my very limited gears and skills, to shine his shoes.


This is all that I have…really…

This is the Vass in the U-last. Sleek as ever but it was too light in color. So I attempted a non conventional way of darkening up the shoe, with a renovateur, wax, toothbrush, and an old tee shirt.

photo 1

This was the initial shade of the shoe, it was fairly light and the baron wanted it abit darker.

And…the final results…check out the pics below.

photo 4 photo 2 photo 3

They aren’t that perfect but I enjoy the scuffs, creates a little bit more of an antique feel to the shoe.

Perhaps it is time to upgrade the shoe care kit. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @shahzeeq because I do post updates on shoes etc.


Career Growth

Growth in wardrobe is ultimately measured by the quality of your clothing, how the fit improves over time, the type of clothes you keep, and how you start to packup that sweatpants for charity.

Career growth is totally a different ball game. Let’s face it; the working industry out there is not as colourful as how we think. Most often, fresh grads that leave Uni often have that misinterpretation of the working life. I think most of us are often clouded by TV series like Suits, who portrays a high flyer lifestyle of a lawyer. Well I wouldn’t say you can never reach that point but it surely as hell is not going to happen within the next 6 months of your employment.

Once you get that part checked, time to get a real job. So what is  your desired occupation? Are you an aspiring Dr House, Harvey Specter, or Mark Cho from The Armoury?

There is one thing that our country has; heaps of good talent! So how do you optimize good talent? This is way beyond a chicken and egg question. The key word here is strategy and sustainability.

“The success of our Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) depends on having the right quantity and quality of talent…..” – CEO of TalentCorp,

Back in university, I studied Human Resource as a minor on top of my Human Movement Science degree and we did a lot of work on talent retention, development etc. I guess it all makes sense when you come to think about it. Talent is hard to come by, but when you have them in abundance, keep them.

Tough call huh? Well, over the years, new initiatives have been kicked off to make sure that you seek and secure the job that you desire, the job that you see yourself working in till you retire, and most importantly the job that you enjoy doing.


Well recently, there was this really interesting career fair gig by Talent Corp, Sector Focused Career Fair – Career Awareness. This was in fact a joint effort between TalentCorp, Graduan, MDeC and UiTM, focusing mainly on the Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO).

These guys have been hammering heaps of such gigs just to make sure that we all end up working at places/jobs we really want to be in.


The key message here is to educate and activate. This gig was actually held at UiTM Shah Alam itself, so students didn’t really have to travel back and forth to be part of this Career Fair.


There were talks, Q&A session with the giants of every single industry, all consolidated in one venue. I think this is what any other Talent fairs should have; talks on career progression, choosing the right career etc.

If you think that SFCF is a pretty small gig, think again. There are approximately 30 companies that are heavily involved and these are the big names of every industry. A few to name AIG, DHL, Electrolux, Frost & Sullivan, GlaxoSmithKline,HP, IBM, LaFarge, Sime Darby and PwC.

So what is Talent Corp all about? I managed to pull something out from their site:-

TalentCorp was established on 1 January 2011 under the Prime Minister’s Department to formulate and facilitate initiatives to address the availability of talent in line with the needs of the country’s economic transformation. Collaborating closely with relevant Government agencies and employers in priority economic sectors, TalentCorp develops demand-driven initiatives focused on three strategic thrusts, specifically (1) Optimise Malaysian talent, (2) attract and Facilitate Global Talent and (3) Build Networks of Top Talent.

For more information regarding TalentCorp and SFCF, swing by their site at www.talentcorp.com or www.facebook.com/SectorFocusedCareerFairSFCF.

Remember, you want to end up with a career, not a job. All the best !

The Modern Fit 2013 Gift Guide

I am really just going to jump straight into it. There is no need for lengthy introduction but here’s a list of what I think you should get for that dapper mate yours for that awesome Xmas, which is happening in about 6 weeks’ time.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 4.43.54 PM vanda_ps

Vanda/Kent Wang Pocket Square (RM60 – RM 500) – Believe it or not, a pocket square is a staple accessory when it comes to dressing the real man. Wearing a jacket without a pocket square is simply…incomplete. The staple white pocket square is a must. Give that mate of yours a boost of dapperness, or just add on to his collection with some paisleys etc. The varieties are endless ! – Vanda Fine Clothing | Kent Wang 

vanda_tie samhober_tie

Vanda/Sam Hober Ties (RM 250 – RM 600) – One of the major constitutes of a manly wardrobe. Ties, ties, ties. This isn’t your polyester-wrinkle-free tie. These ties are handrolled and made to order. Pick your poison, linen, wool, cashmere, or the various weave of silk, the dimples produced on these ties are absolutely remarkable. - Vanda Fine Clothing | Sam Hober 


Wood & Faulk (RM 500 – RM 900) – Their carpenter bags are something every aspiring men would appreciate. Very versatile in nature, the navy 16 inch carpenter bag is the all-time favourite. W&F ships internationally, use the fastest shipping option available. – Wood & Faulk 


Saddleback Leather (RM80 – RM5000) – This is LEATHER. They come with a 100 year warranty, if you live that long. If you don’t, pass them over to your kids/grandkids. This is truly one of the best investments for Xmas. International shipping is available too, but bare in mind that these bags are heavy as hell, so prepare the extra dollars. – Saddleback Leather 


Beckel Canvas (RM 100 – RM 700) – This may appeal to some, it surely did to me ! Beckel Canvas is as legit as you could get. Just bear in mind though, most of their goods are MTO, so you need to prep up the order ASAP. They ship internationally too ! – Beckel Canvas


Mr Porter Gift Card (varies) – You can never go wrong with giftcards on Mr Porter. These guys stock awesome brands, and personally I would love to get hold of the Car Shoe. Preload at the gift card at your own risk. Ideally, anything more than RM1000 would be…meaningful. – Mr Porter

Loake 1880s @ PLal Jalan Gasing (RM790) – Probably one of the best deals you could get around the world. PLal is located along Jalan Gasing in Petaling Jaya. They stock up a whole heap of Loake 1880s, which is the top-end of the Loake Series. According to several reliable sources, the 1880s are the only series that is still made in England. Their sizings are true to size as well, so you wouldn’t have fit issues. Plal Official Website | Address : Plal Store, 93 Jalan Gasing 46000 PJ, Malaysia


Meermin Shoes (RM 650 – RM 1500) – All the way from Spain, Meermin is really taking over the footwear scene in Malaysia in style, all thanks to the cloth baron. Try their regular range if you have a limited budget, or else go for their linear maestro series. – Meermin Online

Saphir Valet Box (RM650 onwards) – Shoes reflect character. Why wear a pair of ordinary shoes, when you can rock up with a pair of SHINED shoes. The Valet Box looks sexy as hell too. Shipping is offered internationally by MAY take some time. So order quickly to avoid any Xmas delays. – The Hanger Project 

547_10151137977239405_448020313_n - Copy 292718_10151137976569405_307829337_n - Copy

Suiting materials (RM 350 – RM700 per metre) – If still in doubt, go for a 3.5m suiting cloth. H Lesser, VBC, Harrisons of Edinburgh, the cloth baron has you covered. Drop him an email at info@straitsfineclothiers.com. Tip : Navy or Gray, you can never go wrong with these 2 colors. 

I would think that the above suggestions would suffice and accommodate everyone’s budget. They start from RM50 and above, so it all depends on how deep your pockets are chaps, after all it is a once a year agenda.

Good luck and I truly hope that this short guide helps.


The Roof & The Hackett Style Off @ Pavillion KL.

I went by the BDRMMY 2013 last week to check out the scene, and of course to support the Le Baron. He was wearing the H Lesser Golden Bale bespoke by Jeremy Tok.



Winter wear was something that I always wanted to try on, in Malaysia. And to splurge on thick clothing, in a tropical weather, isn’t something very wise.

Thankfully, the guys at Melium invited me, Nabil (Cloth Baron) and a few other damn good looking blokes for a style-off at Hackett Pavillion KL.

For those of you who are not familiar with Hackett, check out the link here 

There will be a contest running soon chaps, I’ll shoot them on my instagram @shahzeeq once all is good to go, with some proper pictures of course. Prizes sound pretty damn decent, so not something you wanna skip.

But for now, here are some pictures that I’d love to share. Consider this a sneak peek.

71a976fe456811e38b9422000a1fbe38_8Myself and The Cloth Baron. He is wearing a fine looking Double Breasted. Both of us are dressed in Hackett except the shoes. Baron is wearing Vass Ankle Boots and I am wearing the C&J Tetburry

d5517f42454711e38ab122000ab69130_8 e5d9229a454f11e3b83422000ab5a88f_8Closer pictures of my entire outfit. Rudy was right, the bowtie, actually worked !

We met heaps of great people at the event. Shoot was smooth and most importantly, it is good to know that there are men out there who are very very passionate about clothing, who would go beyond the OTR suits, just for the perfect fit.


The One Piece Collar Shirt

Conditions change all the time. Back then I was heavily obsessed with having heaps of suits to wear on a daily basis, then the desire for a 2 piece slowly tapered down to having odd jackets instead. I find that to be more practical compared to having suits. Odd jackets give me more options, or variety.

111111Odd shirts, work very well with the nature of my job

I also like the idea of having odd trousers. A range of colors will give you a lot of room to play with when it comes to dressing up for the occasion. They aren’t as extensive as the big timers, but it is slowly getting there..



I am starting to fall for un-belted trousers, with a one inch cuff. I am not very tall myself, approximately 5ft 7, and while cuffs may reflect a shorter appearance, I find that wearing trousers right below/on the belly to help in alleviating such impressions.


I have recently commissioned a pair of trousers with AL, a slightly darker shade of navy. I did not actually know AL stocks up on Holland & Sherry. He had 2 metres left, just enough for a pair of trousers. I have not gotten up on the first fitting yet, but once I do, I’ll share some picture online.

Anyway, the single piece collar shirt is finally ready. There were a fair bit of tweaks that need to be done on the shirt, but considering the fact that this is AL’s first attempt making such collars, it isn’t too bad.


I got the cloth at a pretty good price too, so nothing to hectic, even if the shirt does not turn out well. Personally, I find the cotton/linen blend to be just the right mix compared to pure linen.


The initial issue with the shirt was the sleeves, a tad too long. The other one was something more on the shoulders. I am never that good with tailoring jargons but I try to explain as much as I can. If it doesn’t make sense, I truly apologize. Maybe the pictures will help.

Notice that the shoulder does not sit too well and pit area too, compared to my other shirts. AL was explaining the looser approach when making this shirt, hence the slight bunch. I insisted on fixing booth the issues, which means taking in the shirt. I got it tapered but still slightly roomier.


Since it is the end of the year, I thought I should wrap it up with one more bespoke shirt. I never liked stripe shirts, but after looking through several inspirational figures all around IG and blogs, I am starting to like them, hence a bespoke fine stripe shirt, in red.

48f1dcfa3ee811e3904822000a1fc3ed_8Picture credit to @thearmoury

Speaking about end of the year, I am expecting the Meermin to arrive in November, this is going to be good, I hope.

October 2012

After using the fresco jacket for about a year, a friend of mine commented that the lapels look a little bare, so I decided to take them to the tailor to give it a more finished look, with a pick stitch.


They look much better now, much more refined and I just need to find time to rock them up more often. The cloth is just so robust and to be honest, I would actually think if there was an earthquake, all jackets would die and this one will survive. It has minimal creases, a little scratchy but bearable, no other issues really.

I’ve also recently commissioned a casual shirt with Ah Loke of course. I wanted to try something different, rather than the traditional impression of button downs as a casual shirt, I’m thinking more of a one piece collar shirt, just like how Ethan Desu’s in the picture below.


It has been about 2 weeks++ since I last visited Ah Loke, I might just drop by later to see if he could actually pull this off. It would be a big bummer if he couldn’t because I really like the material which is a G&R cotton/linen blend. I rarely attend formal events and button downs or casual shirts are something that I wear on a regular basis, so more of them is definitely ideal


A little bit of a recap during my short visit to Melbourne. I find the sartorial scene to be very moderate and there isn’t much to rave about other than Double Monks, P. Johnson and Henry Bucks. Bucks have been in the game for ages and Double Monks, is just a shoe paradise. I should not say more about P. Johnson’s bespoke suits, they look good, and I would love to get one commissioned one day. The only down side is that he was actually closed when I was in town. Speaking about suits, I really liked this suit that was modelled on a mannequin in Henry Bucks

burgundy outfit

I managed to take a few pictures of Double Monks, which is actually located very close to a train stop. I can’t recall which stop was it but just lurk around Smith Street and you’ll spot their store. They actually stock up a whole load of C&Js, Cleverly, John Lobb etc.



Double Monks will be doing overseas shipping real soon. Be sure to check them out ! Good stuff ! Well done guys.

 As much as I wanted to take home a pair of shoes with me, a Fox Umbrella would suffice this time. I will never ever misplace this umbrella for sure !



These umbrellas…are built to last, great accessory, a must for every gentlemen out there

The Melbourne trip was great, I would officially think that the biggest sartorial scene would be Melbourne, and then Sydney.

I’ve recently tried a decent barber, which is quite on the pricey side of things. Basically, they do a whole heap of things including mani/pedi, accessories sale, hair trimmings etc. A haircut starts from approx. RM90, something nice to reward yourself once in  a while, but I don’t know if its worth spending, especially for the manly mani/pedi that goes for RM170. If you are getting married though, they have this value package for you and your best men.

A few outfit pics…I have not rocked up this Navy suit for a while!

navy suit


Bespoked Navy suit, Besoke G&R cotton shirt, Hand finished matt brown silk tie.


Bespoke Double Overcheck Jacket, Unbranded Shirt & Unlined Khaki Tie from RLPL


Bespoke Carlo Barbera Gunclub, Bespoke Bengal Stripe Shirt from G&R, & Drakes PS




A month later…

A quick update to get the ball rolling after a hiatus (more like MIA)… I finally got my double overchecks back from Ah Loke after a month at least. I think Ah Loke, in a way constructed the shoulders for this jacket a little differently from the others. It is not essentially a bad thing but somehow..it feels different…tighter…even after opening up the sleeves for about half an inch…Or could it be that 1% silk..I don’t think so.

1174794_10151618998349405_508824805_nPardon the very strange contrast, this is what filters do, they just mess up the colors sometime. 

1170761_10151630262394405_1809403071_nThis is slightly more accurate. The shoulder construction feels very new to me. Paddings were kept at minimal, just enough to compensate the slightly uneven shoulders. 

Oh yes, my bengal striped G&R is finally done. One thing I really like about Ah Loke is that he does improve over time, which reiterates the importance of building a solid relationship with your tailor. I’m going to try and rock up with this new shirt in the next few days. Managed to try it out with the Grenadine Rep tie I got a while back from Sam Hober. I still think this is the best tie I have in my wardrobe to date.

 1001191_10151574307039405_149003775_n (1) 1014025_10151574843994405_2071314991_n (1)Probably one of the best combination I’ve seen/tried on to date. Grenadine rep and bengal stripes. I am thinking..something Navy would look good too.  

Speaking about bespoke, I finally pulled the plug to go down the B route for my khakis. I couldn’t accept the fact that I was walking around town with this extremely tight (on the thigh) pair of khakis from Uniqlo. I don’t have a full picture yet but this picture below shows some sort of a “hang” which is ideally what i was looking for. Trust me when I say its roomy, it is not at the expense of the trousers looking baggy, it has nice silhouette, slightly tapered but not tight. The striations of the quadriceps muscle is not visible at all.

Pockets are still gaping a little bit, I need the cloth baron by my side next time to become that 3rd set of eye.

 1013283_10151629709509405_92565947_nThe C&J Tetburry fits very well now, And they compliment the khakis even better.

998727_10151589464659405_226929722_nGoing a little bit wacky with the socks. Cuffed trousers, an extremely soft material from Harrisons

Somehow, I find shoe polishing very therapeutic. I call it “The Upkeep“.

10557_10151506958989405_56932011_nThe Upkeep

I do once in a while pull favors for close friends, but drop me a yell if you REALLY need help with shoe shine. They are very simple actually, just very..time consuming.

Here’s a few more pictures that was long overdue. I rarely use ties and button-down collared shirt but this one somehow worked.

1000132_10151529286074405_2058475909_nBespoke CB Gunclub, Kent Wang white paisley PS, Unbranded Navy Knit. I couldn’t recall the brand of the shirt, they aren’t bespoke, just the regular OTR, from Robinsons I think..thrifting..

971607_10151488573669405_1909489851_nUniqlo Houndstooth Linen Jacket, Unbranded Pocket Square, Shirt is from TM Lewin, Off White trousers from Ben Sherman I think. It was a sponsored one. Their trousers go for RM400 a knock, but they fit quite well.

600961_10151487155589405_970870373_nThe all-time favorite, Fresco

I am hoping short post like these become more consistent. 2 blogpost a week. Sounds very feasible.


Linen..brown linen..

I like linen. In fact I enjoy wearing them compared to all the other materials that I have in the closet. Well, that is a total given considering our hectic weather in Malaysia. The irony is that I rarely spend on linen. To date, I only have several linen clothing and they are not the very best of quality. Good linen is generally quite expensive. They at least cost up to twice the price of worsted wool. I was lucky the Cloth Baron got me a damn good deal for this commission.

I decided to bite the bullet and commission my first bespoke linen trousers. This Irish linen is actually from the Harrison’s Mersolair range and it feels really great ! At first I was a little bit skeptical on wearing a subtle brown striped linen trousers, and what’s more I was clueless on how to pull them off.

Linen - MersolairHarrisons Mersolair in a fantastic shade of blue

So I had a chat with the Cloth Baron and we agreed on rocking up with some suede, loafers or even cream espadrilles ! Sadly, when I collected the final product today, I was wearing my C&J Weymouth. Well you get the idea.

spanish-mens-cream-herringbone-espadrilles (1)

They sure look comfy as hell too ! Cream espadrilles… source

Check out some of the pictures below. I purposely opt for a looser fit and a slight break compared to my other commisions with AL. The pictures are merely here to give you an idea on the fit. I’ll take better pictures once I make some minor adjustments to the pants, with a pair of suede of course !


I might need to get the waist taken in at least half an inch though. I do not quite like the idea of having to use a belt to fasten the waist. They tend to cinch and look very unpleasant.


On a separate note, check out the windowpane jacket. It belongs to the Cloth Baron. I like it already, no wait…I always loved that shade of blue !


I am seriously considering a mannequin mainly for picture taking purposes and I find having a mannequin to be very…organized.

Trouble Upgrading the Wardrobe – $$$

This thought has been running through my head for a very long time. I was thinking to myself, “how am I going to continue upgrading my wardrobe without putting alot of stress and heat on the credit card and wallet. It was practically impossible.

Instead, another idea came right through my head. Instead of having an “Ultimate” wardrobe, for young executives who are quite/very limited on budget like myself, going for a “Compact” wardrobe would be the most ideal option.

Three reasons why I like a compact wardrobe.

1) Space – Trust me, if you have the essentials alongside the versatile outfits, you’d find yourself with excess space for that TV rack you always wanted in your room or that Bar Fridge you’ve been dying to buy !


This is how I go about sorting out my wardrobe. To be honest, I think I could make do without one or two pair of shoes. 

2) Versatility –  This is what I think would be the essential in a wardrobe – White Button Down Oxford (~RM50 from Uniqlo), Light Blue Shirts/Oxfords, Dark Blue Denim (RM79 from Uniqlo), A few colored oxfords for some variet, Decent Polo Tees and Shorts (Get them cheap at Uniqlo or any outlet store) for that weekend activity, Navy Suit (Price heavily dependent if you go bespoke or RTW), Navy Tie, Knit Tie (Navy would be versatile), White Pocket Square, Dark Brown Captoes (Black if you work in an environment that is slightly more formal), Suede Shoes (Chukkas are great!), Boat shoes are slightly more restrictive to the very casual occasion, like running errands or catching up over a pint of beer. If you have additional budget, invest in penny loafers, double monks, whole cuts.

123Details on the outfit – Uniqlo light blue shirt, Navy Knit Tie, Sacoor Brothers Pocket Square, Bespoke Double Overcheck Jacket (from the Harrisons Sunbeam) with double patch pockets, quarter lined, J-Crew Chinos & Uniqlo Tan Belt, Meermin Scotch Grain Double Monks & Uniqlo Socks. 

If you are lucky, there are some decent pairs lurking around ebay or styleforum. You just got to keep a lookout for deals too. Back when I bought my Chukka boots from Edwards of Manchester, they were having a 20% deal (+20% if you are living outside of the UK – VAT). The idea of having more footwear instead of constricting yourself to one or two is very self-explanatory. You reduce the amount of wear/tear of your shoes, hence increasing their lifespan.

DSC_4673This Uniqlo Button Down Oxford go cheap for about RM50 each if you get them on sale

DSC_4685Upgrade the wardrobe a notch and get the TM Lewin shirt with unfused collar for about 25GBP via online

DSC_4667Once you are ready to go down the bespoke route, I’d recommend the G&R. 

How I go about shoe maintenance

a) Give your shoe abit of a buff after every use. For suede, get a suede brush and brush the upwards after every wear
b) Dry off the leather soles after use, especially during rainy weather. The major drawback of wet leather soles is that it tend to grow fungus if you don’t let it dry properly.
c) Shoe trees are vital. Invest in some and you’ll understand why. Legit cedar wood trees gives your shoe that nice scent.

45204_10151392485964405_95747200_nInvest in shoe trees. They are worth every single penny !

d) Give your shoes a quick shine and apply some conditioner every now and then to make sure that the leather does not “dry” up. In fact, applying conditioner on shoes help “nourish” the leather on it. In other words, it makes your shoe look a whole lot better ! Invest in decent shoe care products.

944453_10151443161594405_232738145_nGiving shoes that extra care would surely boost its lifespan. This pair of brogues went through a few episodes of hectic rain. It still wears fine. 

3) Cost – Well this is a given. Having a compact wardrobe saves you a whole heap of money. It truly does! Imagine how often would a white shirt be more suitable compared to a black one? Versatility and cost do come in hand in hand actually. Shoe wise, if you have two choices. Go for a black captoe and a pair of suede (i like suede penny loafers but you have the choice of going Chukkas too)

481356_10151369030489405_1727675303_nSave up for some decent shoe care products.  It really bumps up the lifespan of your shoe.

Truthfully, it really isn’t impossible to get yourself a decent wardrobe. Spend a few hundred bucks extra and it goes a damn long way. Try it. I did and I never loved my white and light blue shirts, my suede shoes and my economical chinos any less. You just need to get hold of good deals, so always keep an eye out for one.


The Double Overcheck and The Double Monks

This is the jacketing length that I was raving about a month back. I have not actually seen much of the Sunbeam around, so I’d think that only myself and the cloth baron (currently) share a length each.


Picked up the jacket a few days back and I must say that the final product did actually turn out as how I wanted to be. Aside from the adjustments on the sleeves and a pinch of waisting on both front and back, everything seems to be nicely in place.


The lining was a very interesting pick really, and it wasn’t my idea to begin with. I was actually hunting for a decent lining and kept hitting a brick wall. I kept going back and forth trying to get a color that “suits” the fabric and the cloth baron came up to me and passed over this burnt orange lining. At first I was a little skeptical but when it came into place, with the half lining setup especially, I actually love it now !


After some slight alterations, the sleeves still need a bit more room. I’m going to give this a quick run and see how it fairs for the next few wear. I think this jacket goes well with denim, cream or white trousers. Shirt wise, I wouldnt be too strict about it but I reckon a buttoned down/spread collar white or pink/purple shirt would look great with this double-overcheck jacket.

I was also a little bit relieved that I didn’t opt for such wide lapels like Tobacco Fresco that I commissioned last year. It would have worked for the fresco but I wouldn’t think the same applies for this double overcheck.

The scotch grain double monks that I ordered from Meermin finally touched base. Got a quick call from the cloth baron to pickup the shoes and the color was indeed very impressive It looked really different from the online stock picture, and I was in fact very glad that the color turned out to be a few tones darker.


Fit wise, I wouldn’t say its prime but for about 160 Euros, I’d be more than happy to insert a thin rear insole to snug things up.

At first the whole rubber sole sounded a little new. In fact, I actually had the impression that rubber soles make shoes look cheap. I dont even topy my shoes ! But the whole C&J Tetbury proved me wrong and so did the Double Monks from Meermin.


The rubber soles on the Meermin is a notch more “grippy” than the traditional leather soles. Well you don’t get that scratchy note after every stride but save that for some other pair. Feels pretty durable to and considering the fact that I move a fair bit, rubber soles would probably last longer than leather soles.

There is also the Penny Loafers that I got off Meermin. I’d probably look at talking about it once it breaks in. As for now, all I’m getting is just blisters on my rear feet. Low socks aren’t helping much either.

Blisters aside, if anyone is keen to get themselves a pair of Meermins and you need help doing so, drop me a comment or email and I’d be more than happy to help you out as much as I can.

Later chaps.