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For some, doing your morning cardio is much more peaceful without any form of music. Some would opt for music over the sound of themselves panting, after the first 400 metres. But…what if you despise cardiovascular exercise and decide to just go down the resistance training route? Most of us, who enrol in a gym dread the […]


The Magic Mouse is really a love or hate thing. If you really like its sleek aesthetics, then you probably could live with the Magic Mouse being occasionally schizophrenic; constant Bluetooth drop-outs, extremely short battery lives and extremely short livespan. All the whacky behaviours aside, we at TMF have always been a fan of the Magic […]


When we at TMF first came across the Swiss made and assembled, Bomberg watches, we immediately thought that they were quite uncommon. A million things going on the watch face with a gazillion hands moving around at once. Somehow the Bolt-68 managed to get things together. There are still plenty of hands and activity going […]


As you hit the second half of the day, fatigue starts to creep up like a ninja. Two solutions/options; get a short nap, which is most unlikely going to be pointless because you’ll potentially feel lethargic or you could just head down to the nearest coffee shack for a dose of…caffeine. For some, coffee does […]


Juggling between work and trying to even come up with an entry out of the blues is a hectic task. But this time around, there has been a fair bit going on. There was this really cool BDRMMY2014 competition where you get acknowledged for dressing up well in Malaysia.  The thing that I really enjoy […]


I have very minimal knowledge on retail business. I see online stores creeping up at an extremely high rate. Most of them sell either clothing source from China or Thailand or even Korea. So this got me thinking for a sec. This post was just merely a short note that id like to make after […]


There is always this very strange behavior of men and footwear. Those who invest at least 500USD on a pair of shoes tend to either wear them forever or sell them off after 6 months. I find this common especially among my circle of friends. I was just having a chat with the baron last […]


The term essential footwear is very subjective. Some people think one pair of shoe would suffice, and you only purchase another one is when the shoe gets wrecked. I have always been a fan of investing in quality shoes even at a slightly hectic price tag. Investing in more than one pair of shoes means […]


There is absolutely nothing to hide when it comes to our hectic Malaysian weather. Linen is your best friend, in Malaysia or some really porous, airy fresco. I would also think that there are other variants of fabric, which would actually fit our climate *paging Mr Cloth Baron*. Color plays a very big role as […]