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Myself and the baron have always wanted to visit Japan, specifically the menswear scene. We made that impromptu decision a few months ago and when the date finally approached us, we were good to go! To be completely honest, I only had one goal, which is to purchase a RTW Ring Jacket in Tokyo. And […]


I’ve always been a big fan of trying to milk out as much as possible on a budget outfit. While I may sound like a big Uniqlo ambassador, their stuff really is quite versatile. I managed to pull out some stuff, and after a bit of a mix and match, I managed to cough out […]


We at TMF have and will always be fans of a good fit instead of labels. We selected a few combination of Uniqlo clothing and we managed to rock up a pretty laid back combination. Jacket – Unlined Linen Houndstooth @ RM99 Shirt – Dark Denim Shirt @ RM79 Pocket Square – Kent Wang @ […]


The last time when we saw the pictures of the Bomberg Bolt-68 watch that circulated through the net , we were pretty impressed. Somehow the fluorescent colors worked on them. They are fairly loud, the whole world knows you have something on your wrist, this thing is humongous, but its pretty good looking. We finally […]