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Picking up the most “sartorial” looking sneakers is practically impossible. But what you can opt for is something that doesn’t look too kiddish. We stumbled this on Instagram earlier today and thought we should share them with you. Beyene Classic is actually a Stockholm based store that has an additional retailer in Australia now. Our […]

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We all have been through this dilemma. We don’t know what shoes to get. 9 out of 10 men we speak to generally have either none or very minimal knowledge on shoes. While they function the same (from a shoe anatomy point of view) to the naked eye, every single shoe carries a wealth of […]

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Joonian, a fellow friend of TMF posted about Kamakura Shirts on his Instgram. That immediately caught our attention, so we decided to check out this shirt-making joint, which was established in a place that was once an ancient capital of Japan. Here’s  a little story about Kamakura Shirts Driven by their mottos “Quality shirts at […]


There could potentially be a gazillion of things in your wardrobe that you have to destroy. At some point of time in our lives, we used to wear that “daddy” looking jeans, or the oversized rock concert t-shirt that you “thrift-ed” off e-bay. Oh remember the horrendously looking pointy/square toed shoes that you have on that upper tier […]


We had a problem. We wanted a speaker..that had no cables… Our case was a little bit different. We were on a Bluetooth speaker hunt. Being spoilt for choices, we wanted something that could deliver decent vocals and…an acceptable amount of bass. We had a budget of sub RM300, and our options…were…plenty. We came across […]


For some, doing your morning cardio is much more peaceful without any form of music. Some would opt for music over the sound of themselves panting, after the first 400 metres. But…what if you despise cardiovascular exercise and decide to just go down the resistance training route? Most of us, who enrol in a gym dread the […]


The Magic Mouse is really a love or hate thing. If you really like its sleek aesthetics, then you probably could live with the Magic Mouse being occasionally schizophrenic; constant Bluetooth drop-outs, extremely short battery lives and extremely short livespan. All the whacky behaviours aside, we at TMF have always been a fan of the Magic […]


When we at TMF first came across the Swiss made and assembled, Bomberg watches, we immediately thought that they were quite uncommon. A million things going on the watch face with a gazillion hands moving around at once. Somehow the Bolt-68 managed to get things together. There are still plenty of hands and activity going […]